I have been a friend of Carl Holden for close to 30 years, I know him well and I trust him.
He asked me last year if I needed a web site to promote my civil and structural engineering consulting business. 
My first reaction was that as I am now 66 years of age and my company has survived for the last 20 years without the need of a web site, also as I hope to retire in the not too distant future and I may not be running the business for very much longer, do I need a web site?
Carl convinced me to give it a try and he then quickly produced a framework for my web site which has been slowly built up as time permits.  He does provide a full service solution for building a site, but as my need was not urgent and so the completion of the site has been somewhat protracted.  The remarkable thing is that I started to get telephone enquiries within a few days of the preliminary site going on line.  This level of response has continued with genuine inquiries every week, this is surprising as the site is still far from finished.
I recommend Carl's services as his knowledge of the internet and technical skills, including  methods of listing to maximise exposure together with his people skills are invaluable.  If you have a business which can use more clients, give Carl a call.
Ian M Young BE (Hons) LGE MIEAust CPEng

Mobile Website Marketing

Mobile Marketing?Mobile Marketing, Local search, marketing is simply the process of marketing to people via their mobile devices, principally their Mobile Phone. The penetration of Smartphones in Australia is now over a staggering 66% - and rising rapidly.
Mobile Marketing is really just an extension of internet marketing, as more and more people are starting to spend more time on their Smartphones and less time on their Desktop computers.
Now, savvy businesses are starting to realise the potential of Mobile Marketing as this is what the majority of consumers carry around with them 24/7 successfully uses Google Pay Per Click Campaigns and organic search marketing to get your product or service a high ranking, on the first page of Google.
We do this in conjunction with a specially constructed Mobile Friendly Website as well as utilising Social Media.
One recent campaign we materminded, had a great response from our client's prospects, giving a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 3.2% - whereas the industry average is 1%.
Our client was very satisfied !


Local and Social (courtesy survey from Search Engine Marketing East)

The survey asked, “Are you more likely to use a company if you can find their info on a social networking site?”

    69% say yes
    13% say no
    18% are neutral

How are consumers finding local businesses on social networking sites?

    56% — company pages (i.e. Facebook pages, social profiles, etc.)
    55% — recommendations from friends
    48% — via promotions

What do consumers want local businesses to do on social networking sites?

    81% of consumers want the business to respond to posts/messages (from fans/followers)
    78% want to see promotions
    74% want to see regular posts
    66% want to see pictures

What about reviews and ratings?

    60% of respondents say they’re important
    78% of social networkers say they’re important
    71% of mobile users say reviews are important




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